10 Years Later: Rent Is Due

10 Years Later.... After 10s of thousands of blog subscribers, 100s of thousands of visits, comedy shows, radio appearances, and more milestones (more like kilometerstones) than I can count, here goes it. Hopping off of the hamster wheel to get back to what I love and you tolerate - sharing my thoughts.

Some memories intertwine, running together like Ninja Turtles. Stream of consciousness writing works best for me now, instead of writing and editing, writing then editing again. All to eventually be satisfied with nothing and never share. I wouldn’t call it obsessive, but it is definitely compulsive. In 2023, where everyone seems to falsely diagnose themselves and turn it into some faux quirk about their personality - lets not. This collection of thoughts, opinions, views are all mine and will be raw and unedited, so excuse the grammar beforehand. I would say, “please excuse”… but that sounds too much like begging. I loved the song by TLC, but I AM too proud to beg.

Today is August 31, 2023… Sha’Carri Richardson just won the Track and Field World Title, which is well deserved. She should have never been disqualified from competing in the 2022 Tokyo Olympics for marijuana use, anyway. Whether she did or didn’t, it provided no unfair advantage. I have never heard of smoking a blunt making someone run faster. 

Our 2024 presidential candidates looks like it will come down to Biden vs Trump or Biden vs DeSantis. The last time I was given a choice between options this bad, a judge asked whether I wanted to pay the $90 speeding ticket or take an 8 hour defensive driver class. 

They Cloned Tyrone is currently my favorite movie. However, with Netflix’s new restriction that makes it harder to share passwords, it was a feat to watch. Yes, I am still using someone’s else’s Netflix account (allegedly). This must be what it felt like to drink bootleg whiskey during the prohibition era.

Sexxy Redd’s song, Poundtown, has had quite a run for the past few months and is still going strong. If I hear it once during the day, it will be stuck in my head for hours. Pink and brown, reminds me of neapolitan ice cream. I love neapolitan ice cream. While we are on the topic of food, have you seen a Kit Kat lately? I can’t remember the last time I saw that candy.

Fall is approaching and this is the third year in a row that I wonder if people really like pumpkin spice, or if it is just the trendy thing to do during the season. People follow all kinds of crazy trends… like oat milk. I recently watched a documentary on how much of a scam and how unhealthy oat milk really is for us. I don’t know how true the documentary was though, since it was on YouTube. YouTube also has a lot of documentaries saying the earth is flat and the TransAtlantic Slave trade never happened.

And rent is due tomorrow.

These are just my thoughts, and I fear scrolling up to see how many grammatical mistakes I have made in this freestyle of random thoughts. Charge it to my heart and not my mind, or whatever they used to say in church before the pastor got paid.

Nova Knows.

3 thoughts on “10 Years Later: Rent Is Due

  1. T Stone says:

    This is hilarious. I haven’t read a blog in a while, but I am looking forward to more. Keep it going!!!


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